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Alternative Managers

There are a few different popular ROM managers that have similar features:

Feature igir clrmamepro RomVault RomCenter
Code: still in development
Code: open source ✅ GPL
App: OS compatibility ✅ anything Node.js supports ⚠️ Windows, macOS & Linux via Wine ⚠️ Windows, Linux via Mono ❌ Windows only
App: UI or CLI CLI only by design UI only Separate UI & CLI versions UI only
App: required setup steps ✅ no setup required ❌ requires "profile" setup per DAT ⚠️ if specifying DAT & ROM dirs ❌ requires per-DAT DB setup
DATs: supported formats Logiqx XML, MAME ListXML, CMPro, HTGD SMDB (DATs docs) Logiqx XML, MAME ListXML, CMPro Logiqx XML, MAME ListXML, CMPro, RomCenter, HTGD SMDB Logiqx XML, CMPro, RomCenter
DATs: process multiple at once ⚠️ via the batcher
DATs: infer parent/clone info
DATs: built-in download manager ⚠️ via DatVault
DATs: supports DAT URLs
DATs: create from files (dir2dat) dir2dat docs
DATs: fixdat creation Fixdat docs
DATs: combine multiple
Archives: extraction formats ✅ many formats (reading archives docs) .zip, .7z, .rar ⚠️ .zip, .7z ⚠️ .zip, .7z
Archives: creation formats .zip only by design (writing archives docs) .zip, .7z, .rar ⚠️ .zip, .7z ⚠️ .zip, .7z
ROMs: DAT matching strategies ❌ CRC32+size ✅ CRC32+size, MD5, SHA1 ✅ CRC32+size, MD5, SHA1
ROMs: CHD scanning ⚠️ via chdman ✅ v1-5 natively ⚠️ v1-4 natively
ROMs: scan/checksum caching ❌ by design
ROMs: header parsing ⚠️ via plugins
ROMs: header removal
ROMs: supported merge types ✅ full non-merged, non-merged, split, merged ✅ full non-merged, non-merged, split, merged ⚠️ full non-merged, split, merged ⚠️ full non-merged, split, merged
ROMs: patching support patching docs ⚠️ SNES SuperDAT
Filtering: region, language, type, etc. ✅ many options ❌ only 1G1R options ⚠️ only at DB setup
Filtering: 1G1R support ✅ many options ⚠️ region & language only ⚠️ only at DB setup
Reports: report-only mode
Reports: easily parseable ✅ CSV ⚠️ newline-separated "have" & "miss" lists ⚠️ newline-separated "full" & "fix" reports ⚠️ newline-separated "have" & "miss" lists
Output: file link support ✅ hard & symbolic links
Output: separate input & output dirs ⚠️ yes but files are always moved
Output: subdirectory customization ⚠️ depends on DAT organization
Output: create single archive for DAT


Just like igir, other ROM managers that are in active development are likely to release new features often. The above table is not guaranteed to be perfectly up-to-date, it is just a best effort.

Other alternative ROM managers can be found in a number of other wikis, such as: