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EmulationStation Desktop Edition (ES-DE)

EmulationStation is a frontend for RetroArch and many other standalone emulators.


Because EmulationStation uses RetroArch under the hood, the instructions are generally the same as RetroArch. By default, the EmulationStation BIOS directory is /userdata/bios/:

You can copy BIOS files from a USB drive named "USB-Drive" like this:

igir copy extract test clean \
  --dat "" \
  --input /media/USB-Drive/BIOS/ \
  --output /userdata/bios/

Other emulators may use other names for their BIOS images but all reside in the same BIOS directory.


EmulationStation uses its own proprietary ROM folder structure, so igir has a replaceable {es} token to sort ROMs into the right place. See the replaceable tokens page for more information.

You can copy ROMs from a USB drive named "USB-Drive" like this:

igir copy zip test clean \
  --dat "/media/USB-Drive/No-Intro*.zip" \
  --input "/media/USB-Drive/ROMs/" \
  --output "/userdata/roms/{es}" \