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File Scanning

igir has a few options to specify input files, as well as files to exclude:

  • ROMs: --input <path> (required), --input-exclude <path>
  • DATs: --dat <path>, --dat-exclude <path>
  • ROM patches: --patch <path>, --patch-exclude <path>

Archive files

igir can scan archives for DATs, ROMs, and patches. See the archives page for more information on supported formats.

Glob patterns

All input options support glob patterns. These patterns help you specify file paths using simple wildcards (e.g. ROMs/*.rom) as well as more complex patterns (e.g. ROMs/!(GBA)/**/*.rom).

Tip is a great website to test various glob patterns.


Given this file tree, here are some glob pattern examples:

├── gb
│   ├── Bomberman GB (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).gb
│   └── [BIOS] Nintendo Game Boy Boot ROM (World) (Rev 1).gb
├── gba
│   └── misc
│       ├── Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku II International (Japan).gba
│       └── [BIOS] Game Boy Advance (World).gba
└── gbc
    ├── Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (USA, Europe) (Rev 2) (SGB Enhanced) (GB Compatible).gbc
    └── [BIOS] Nintendo Game Boy Color Boot ROM (World) (Rev 1).gbc

Only process USA ROMs:

--input "**/*USA*"

Only process BIOS ROMs:

--input "**/\[BIOS\]*"

Only process ROMs one level deep:

--input "*/*"

Process non-GBC ROMs:

--input "!(gbc)/**"

Try some of these patterns for yourself on!