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ROM Dumping


An obligatory warning about downloading ROMs:

Emulators are generally legal, as long as they don't include copyrighted software such as a console BIOS. Downloading ROM files that you do not own is piracy which is illegal in many countries.


Dumping.Guide and Emulation General Wiki are some of the best resources for legally creating ROM files from games you own.

Here is a condensed version that isn't guaranteed to be up-to-date.

Generation 1-5 cartridge-based consoles

Dumpable with special hardware Open Source Cartridge Reader
(Save the Hero Builders)
INLretro Dumper Retrode Other hardware
Nintendo - GB, GBC, GBA ✅ (w/ adapter) GB Operator
Nintendo - NES/Famicom ✅ (V3 w/ adapter)
Nintendo - Nintendo 64 ✅ including controller pak saves (V3 w/ addon for EEPROM saves) ✅ including controller park saves (w/ adapter)
Nintendo - SNES/SFC ✅ (V3 w/ addon for some)
Sega - Game Gear ✅ (w/ Retrode Master System adapter) ✅ (w/ Master System adapter)
Sega - Genesis/MD
Sega - Master System ✅ (V3 w/ adapter) ✅ (w/ adapter)

Generation 6+ and disk-based consoles

Dumpable with software Software for native hardware
Nintendo - 3DS GodMode9
Nintendo - DS, DSi GodMode9 (w/ 3DS), GodMode9i (w/ DSi), wooddumper (w/ DS)
Nintendo - Famicom Disk FDSStick
Nintendo - Switch nxdumptool
Sony - PSP PSP Filer
Sony - PlayStation Vita psvgamesd

Optical-based consoles

Optical-based consoles Media Preservation Frontend (MPF) (w/ PC) Software for native hardware
Microsoft - Xbox, 360, One
Nintendo - Gamecube ⚠️ with specific drives and workarounds CleanRip (w/ Wii)
Nintendo - Wii ⚠️ with specific drives and workarounds CleanRip
Nintendo - Wii U wudump
Sega - Dreamcast ⚠️ with specific drives and workarounds SD Rip
Sega - Saturn
Sony - PlayStation 1, 2
Sony - PlayStation 3 ManaGunZ, multiMAN