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MinUI is a custom launcher supporting the Powkiddy RGB30, Trimui Smart (and Pro), Miyoo Mini (and Plus), as well as Anbernic RG35XX. It is focused on providing a minimalistic and easy to use frontend for the most important 8 and 16 bit consoles.

BIOS Files

MinUI is strictly bring your own BIOS. You can find information on the required BIOS files here


The following information is not guaranteed to be up to date and is based off the information from the link above at the time of writing as well as community contributions. Please reference the information provided by the developers of MinUI when running into troubles.

Place these files under /Bios/<PAK-name>/<Filename>:

Console PAK File MD5
NEC TurboGrafx-16 PCE syscard3.pce 38179df8f4ac870017db21ebcbf53114
Nintendo GameBoy GB gb_bios.bin 32fbbd84168d3482956eb3c5051637f5
Nintendo GameBoy Color GBC gbc_bios.bin dbfce9db9deaa2567f6a84fde55f9680
Nintendo GameBoy Advance GBA gba_bios.bin a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6
Nintendo GameBoy Advance MGBA gba_bios.bin a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6
Nintendo Pokemon Mini PKM bios.min 1e4fb124a3a886865acb574f388c803d
Nintendo Super GameBoy SGB sgb.bios d574d4f9c12f305074798f54c091a8b4
Sony PlayStation PS scph1001.bin 924e392ed05558ffdb115408c263dccf


MinUI supports many many systems and ROM formats. Check the folders here (base) and here (extras) for a comprehensive list about the indivudual systems. Most supported systems and their ROMS can be automatically sorted by igir using the {minui} output token. See the replaceable tokens page for more information.

MinUI uses the names unter /Roms on the SD card in a more creative way than most other frontends. The folder names consist of a UI name and a PAK name. The UI name is used as the name shown in the User interface as a list item name, while the PAK name controls which software pack is used to open the files within. Files with the same UI name but different PAK name are listed in the same list in the UI but are opened with different PAKs. igir uses the vendor recommendations for the folder names with some exceptions.

MinUI requires multi-file releases to be grouped into subdirectories (bin/cue releases of the PS1 for example). It is recommended to use the --dir-game-subdir multiple option, which is the default at this time.

More details about these features can be found here under the sections Roms and Disc-based games.

Replace the E:\ drive letter with wherever your SD card is:

igir copy extract test clean ^
  --dat "No-Intro*.zip" ^
  --input ROMs\ ^
  --output "E:\roms\{minui}" ^
  --dir-letter ^

Replace the /Volumes/MinUI drive name with whatever your SD card is named:

igir copy extract test clean \
  --dat "No-Intro*.zip" \
  --input ROMs/ \
  --output "/Volumes/MinUI/roms/{minui}" \
  --dir-letter \

Replace the /media/MinUI path with wherever your SD card is mounted:

igir copy extract test clean \
  --dat "No-Intro*.zip" \
  --input ROMs/ \
  --output "/media/MinUI/roms/{minui}" \
  --dir-letter \