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MiyooCFW (Code) is a custom firmware for BittBoy, PocketGo, PowKiddy V90-Q90-Q20 and third party handheld consoles. It is based on the buildroot build environment and loosely based on OpenDingux. While it is intended for the named less powerful handhelds, it packs a good and wide selection of emulators. Some tinkering with the BIOS files is required though, but no worries, most of that is covered below or in their Wiki

BIOS Files

MiyooCFW doesn't seem to have a centralized folder for putting BIOS files so it's a chore to prepare the card for running the provided emulators. Here's a try to help with finding the right ones and putting them in the right place.


Please keep in mind that this information is based on the table in the official MiyooCFW Emulator Info and might be out of date. Please refer to the official list for reference.

System Emulator Folder Filenames MD5SUMs Comments
GB/GBC Gambatte /.gambatte/bios/BIOS gb_bios.bin gbc_bios.bin 32fbbd84168d3482956eb3c5051637f5 dbfce9db9deaa2567f6a84fde55f9680 Only required for authentic boot screen
GBA GPSP /emus/gpsp_gameblabla/ gba_bios.bin a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6
GBA GPSP Rumble /emus/gpsp/ gba_bios.bin a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6
NES FCEUX /.fceux/ disksys.rom ca30b50f880eb660a320674ed365ef7a For Famicom Disk System
Sega Master System / Game Gear SMS Plus GX /emus/smsplusgx/bios/ BIOS.col 840481177270d5642a14ca71ee72844c System.dat calls this bios.sms
Sega Megadrive / Genesis Picodrive /.picodrive/ bios_cd_e.bin bios_cd_j.bin bios_cd_u.bin e66fa1dc5820d254611fdcdba0662372 278a9397d192149e84e820ac621a8edd 2efd74e3232ff260e371b99f84024f7f for Mega-CD only. System.dat uses different casing.
PC Engine / Turbogfx-16 Temper /.temper/syscards/ syscard3.pce 38179df8f4ac870017db21ebcbf53114 for CD based games
SNK NeoGeo GNGeo /roms/NEOGEO/ unknown version from FBA works
Sony PlayStation 1 PCSX ReARMed /emus/pcsx_rearmed/bios/ SCPH1001.BIN 924e392ed05558ffdb115408c263dccf Optional but required for LLE, activate in options
GCE Vectrex Vecxemu /.vecxemu/ rom.dat ab082fa8c8e632dd68589a8c7741388f not part of 'System.dat', available as part of vecxemu here


MiyooCFW supports many many systems and ROM formats. Check the table on the MiyooCFW Wiki for more precise instructions about the indivudual systems. Most supported systems and their ROMS can be automatically sorted by igir using the {miyoocfw} output token. See the replaceable tokens page for more information.

Replace the E:\ drive letter with wherever your SD card is:

igir copy extract test clean ^
  --dat "No-Intro*.zip" ^
  --input ROMs\ ^
  --output "E:\roms\{miyoocfw}" ^
  --dir-letter ^

Replace the /Volumes/MiyooCFW drive name with whatever your SD card is named:

igir copy extract test clean \
  --dat "No-Intro*.zip" \
  --input ROMs/ \
  --output "/Volumes/MiyooCFW/roms/{miyoocfw}" \
  --dir-letter \

Replace the /media/MiyooCFW path with wherever your SD card is mounted:

igir copy extract test clean \
  --dat "No-Intro*.zip" \
  --input ROMs/ \
  --output "/media/MiyooCFW/roms/{miyoocfw}" \
  --dir-letter \